Home Sweet Home, Alessandra Roveda for Missoni

2019.04.04 Home Sweet Home – Missoni

The knitting material as absolute protagonist at the Missoni space in Via Solferino in Milan during the MDW19. Alessandra Roveda, by concept of Angela Missoni, has created a real installation, poetically transforming the exhibition as well as the consistency and conception of the furnishing elements. The visitor was greeted by an enveloping and exhilarating, sensual, colorful and soft habitat. Alessandra Roveda’s passion for crochet has gone beyond tradition and has given the knitting an ambitious, well-accomplished task: dressing of things, unpredictable and evocative appearance of pieces of furniture such as sofas, beds, armchairs, books, bookcases, clocks pendulum and so on. All made by hand by the designer, creating a real harmony with the Maison Missoni, where colored threads and crochet stitches have merged as on an artist’s palette and have given life to a surprisingly revisited, fairy-tale, surreal and playful world in which the personal domestic memories constituted an intimate and delicate digression.

Info: http://missoni.it