X & Y by Ernesto Pastore wins the ExpoWanted design context

Ernesto Pastore is an Italian-Salvadorian architect and computational designer, present in many international exhibitions in cities such as New York, London and Milan. He is one of the ten winners of the ExpoWanted design context launched and coordineted by DesignWanted, during Ventura Future 2019 Exhibition during MDW19. His winner project is called Y and X components, a 3d printed block that in combination with one another can be used for a variety of applications, for instance like a planter, room divider or a facade. The components can be connected by snapping them together from various sides; this allows to create multiple configurations on four different axes.  The geometry is complex, and currently can only be manufactured by additive technologies. Materials are selected depending on the application. The prototypes, are developed on biodegradable PLA. This work as well is greatly inspired by the growth processes and efficiencies found in nature which results in highly sculptural, yet functional designs.

Info: http://ernestopastore.com