Get lost in Eudossia with Antonio Marras

There are 11 cities proposed by Antonio Marras in a creative journey that includes the exploration of unknown territories, inhabited by elements of art and design that characterize the metropolitan and traditional imagination of the Italian designer. The cities are called Paskadevadda, Cuata, A Barrosa, Niedda, Lliua, Orlando, Britannia, Concordia, Gorroppia, Sagreta, Astasìa. Each has a characteristic, such as the passion, the feast day, the memory, the scrap, the wedding, and so on, but Eudossia is the one that distinguishes the exhibition and traces the maps. In every room described, there are ceramics designed by Antonio Marras for Kiasmo, carpets by Amini Carpets, sofas and armchairs by Saba, wallpapers by Wall & Decò, vintage furniture from the research conducted by Mario Gallo, flowers by Tonino Serra and small paintings by Maria Pescador. It was nice to start getting lost in Eudossia, in the Antonio Marras showroom, when the exhibition was presented during the MDW19.