Slow flowers, slow life, the organic flowers by Green Wise


Stem, which means increasing sustainability in our lives starting from cut flowers and plants. This is the philosophy of life presented by Green Wise in Milan during the design week. Slow green, then slow life, is the leitmotif that accompanies the activity of the Japanese company and describes a world in which human beings flourish and bloom together with nature in the process in which a unique and harmonious world is sustained. In fact, humans do not have a separate existence from nature, instead they are part of the natural environment. In the garden cultivated by Green Wise every day this deep connection is affirmed, where all the creatures present in the cultivated environment support each other and the plants are a fundamental part of it. In this way the flowers presented by Green Wise are born and grow: never the same colors, never the same stems, which vary on the basis of their exposure to the sun, to the light, to the environment that changes every day. The energy of organic flowers is diffused in the room where they are admired, an energy that is the same that allows the flowers to grow and blossom in a completely autonomous way.