Quark coffee table by art designer Emmanuel Babled

Emmanuel Babled is one of the best known international art designers, both for collaborations with renowned brands – especially in the luxury sector – and for the continuous research that accompanies his professional career. With this in mind, this small table in limited edition has come to life, available only in seven copies plus two PA. High craftsmanship, exploration of materials and innovation have made possible the design of this coffee table

The Quark series of low coffee tables blend the exploration of materials and production techniques to give birth to unique monolith tables from a single piece (which can be Plexiglas as in the picture, or wood, marble, bronze). Quark Plexiglas table has been presented for the first time at Palazzo Litta, The Litta Variation – 4th Movement, during Milan Design Week 2018,  in a stunning 4 elements round model. Together with the Digit Light, inspired by the Pop 1960´s, in mirrored sky blue, they will create a perfect harmony with the decoration of the surrounding space, original from the 18th century.

Babled´s started early presenting his work in solo exhibitions. His work has been presented in some of the most important public and Private Institutions, Art Fairs, Museums and Galleries worldwide. Currently, he extended his collaboration with famous fashion brands. His design has been chosen for products and flagship stores such as Christian Dior. In parallel Babled is developing an extended research about territorial craft skill all over European country to complete his high design project