Rocca Spiele, origami as jewels by Tomoko Kodera

Many traditional units of lenght are derived from lenghts of humans’ body parts in the world. Such as inch and feet were born in ancient Europe. Similar to those units, Asian countries used units based on the length of parts of body too. Those are called sun and shaky in Japan. 1 sun = 3,03 cm and the name of this new jewlry is rooted in this scale. From 3,03 x = 3,03 gorgeous papers, you can create various shapes and patterns of origami. These origamis metamorphose into the original earrings and brooches, presented by Rocca Spiele and designed by Tomoko Kodera. Imagine who you will be tomorrow. Then choose one paper. Like the fortune cookies or the book of changes, each graphic pattern on paper has a meaning. It gives you a hint for a good living and will be your lucky charm. Let’s transform the origami to earrings or to a brooch that becomes your only one. The patterns on paper to be chosen are Randolph, Ciao, Snail, Canal, Play, Hug, Gift, Geister, Fragment, Bar. These origami jewelries are designed by Tomoko Kodera, the international award wining jewelry designer.