“SkinCities” by Frank&Frank

City maps as conceptual works of art: this is the impression given by Frank&Frank’s SkinCities, where the boundary between art and design is very fragile here. The laser cut impressed on the leather, also with its own history, reproduces the city maps in which the places where we live interact with the dreamed-of, hated or forgotten places of the world; each in his precious and desperate diversity. Aleppo, New York, Milan, each with equal dignity, stand out on the walls to form graphics that recall places of the Earth of equal dignity. Presented at the MDW19, the map of Milan alongside that of Aleppo, that of New York alongside that of the Israeli / Palestinian cities of Hable and Matan, Venice next to the ancient capital of Afghanistan Kandahar, Tokyo to Tjuana.

The skins used have very different origins, sometimes chosen for some “imperfections” thus enhancing the beauty of diversity, in respect of the life they were, exactly like the places they represent. The project wants to give dignity and consideration also to the animals that have shared their existence with man. For example, the Asian camel skin, with which the map of Kandahar was made, still shows signs of insect bites during desert crossings. Engraving something on the skin is an indelible act of awareness. This reflection crosses every territorial boundary and calls us to break down the differences and conflicts, emphasizing the dignity of cities and beauty through the neutrality of laser-engraved maps in the SkinCities project.

Info: http://frank-frank.it/