The Pure Impression by Temel Nal at MyMicrogallery in Milan

Pure Impression is the title of the new Temel Nal’solo show in Milan, curated by Stefania Carrozzini at MyMicrogallery. For the first time in Italy, this artist is well known all over the world for his unique photographic artworks:  “I feel the colour, I feel the light” is his mantra, as he combines the abstract with the figurative, pairing apparently incompatible opposites. He creates living and vivid images, rich in movement and color and his shots invite us to go beyond the conventional view of things; the challenge is to perceive and restore the beauty of the moment that precedes the fixing of the image, always placing time at the center.

The “moving effect” of his works is obtained by his personal technique used whilst taking the photo, that is never computer/post-production manipulated. Enjoy this exhibition, up to May, 27th, and discover how this artist wishes to transform reality by his unique style, which uses the photographic medium not to halt the moment, but to lei it flow.

The exhibition is part of the Milano Photofestival 14th edition.